Relax the Mind to Sleep

with Lars Andersson

Course description

Relax the Mind to Sleep

Overcome insomnia and similar sleep problems
- naturally and for good!

Do you…

  • suffer from insomnia or a similar sleeping problem that stops you from getting the sleep that you need?
  • struggle to fall asleep at night and/or struggle to go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night?
  • find that your mind is racing at a hundred miles an hour, when all you want is to go to sleep?
  • worry about getting enough sleep, and about the ill effects the lack of sleep may have on your health?
  • wish you could just get a good night’s sleep, without taking sleeping pills or drinking alcohol before going to bed?
  • feel uneasy about the possible side-effects that sleep medication may have on you?
  • wish there was a drug-free, natural treatment, scientifically supported, and as effective as sleep medication?

Then this course is for you!

"Relax the Mind to Sleep" is a drug-free treatment for sleep problems. It does NOT have any of the negative side effects that may come with sleeping tablets, such as e.g. daytime fatigue, cognitive impairments, impaired moving speed and coordination, and increased risk for motor vehicle and other accidents.

"Relax the Mind to Sleep"  is based on elements which have been scientifically researched and proven effective for overcoming sleep problems. It incorporates an integration of sleep hygiene, stimulus control, behavioural interventions, cognitive therapy, and physical and mental relaxation techniques.

Physiologically insomnia is to do with hyperarousal of the central nervous system, like in the fight-or-flight response, i.e. "being on high alert.” This kind of high alert shows up both in the body and in the mind. One of the main reasons for the effectiveness of "Relax the Mind to Sleep"  is that it addresses both body and mind.

It is a central aspect of "Relax the Mind to Sleep"  that it teaches you a set of functional practical techniques, which are simple enough for anyone to use, and which you forever retain as part of your personal resource pool. Important too, is that you learn these techniques by practice, so that you actually learn experientially exactly how to use them.

With "Relax the Mind to Sleep"  you can within a few weeks overcome years of struggles, and get the good night’s sleep that you need. It can help you put your mind to rest at night, so that you will wake up refreshed in the morning, just as nature intended.

Many of the practical techniques that you learn in "Relax the Mind to Sleep"  are mindfulness practices that also have usefulness for other purposes than simply getting good sleep, e.g. like dealing with stress, and generally having a relaxed approach to life.

What others say

“My sleeping problem has totally settled, as now I have no problems falling asleep or putting myself back to sleep if I wake in the middle of the night. Some nights, I don’t even stir, sleeping right the way through until the morning. I have regained back my old self. This has allowed me to achieve what I set out to do during the day both at work and at home.”

“After 6 years of intermittent sleep trouble, my body/mind had forgotten how to go sleep easily and naturally. I'd tried various techniques and remedies, with no long term success.” “My sleep is now fully functional, I wake up in the morning rested and energetic, and I no longer spend time in the evening worrying about whether or how I'll go to sleep.”

“I am now sleeping like a baby and can really enjoy life as I should. I am happier, more productive and some would even say less ‘wired’. I have also picked up quality meditation skills which I believe will play an important part in the future”

Notes about the cost of the course

Please, note that course fees are in US$.

When I provide Relax-the-Mind sleep therapy face-to-face in my clinic, the fee for the sessions comes to about five hundred dollars. While the recorded version that you are now looking at, for obvious reasons cannot be tailored to your particular circumstances, the reality is that very, very few of my patients require anything beyond what is available in the recorded version in order to overcome their sleep problems.

Now, for a fraction of the cost of individual face-to-face sessions, you can access this highly effective program in a recorded format, and if you have been longing to find your way back to natural, normal, healthy sleep, I am absolutely convinced that you will find this course a very worthwhile investment!

Notes about the format of the lessons in the course

The “Relax the Mind to Sleep” course is designed to experientially teach you practices that will naturally remedy your sleep problems. These practices are for obvious reasons mostly done with eyes closed. Therefore the majority of the lessons are provided in an audio format, and only a small number come in video format - the ones where the visual information is essential.

As you can see in the course curriculum, the course consists of ten Sections, each of which has a number of lessons within it. To find out a bit more about what each Section is about, you can listen to lesson 1.3 “What you will learn in this course”.

Also, to get a further sense of what the course contents are like, you may want to access the other "Free to preview" lessons that you find in the Course Curriculum below.


Before you purchase the course, it is a requirement that you listen to lesson 1.2 “Who is this course for?”, to make sure that this course is what you need to get your sleep back to natural, normal, and healthy.


Lars Andersson
Lars Andersson
Sleep Therapist


I am Lars Andersson, the originator of the “Relax the Mind to Sleep” course.

I have been in private practice for over 25 years as a Meaningful-Life Coach, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, and Mindfulness Meditation teacher in Brisbane, Australia, and the “Relax the Mind to Sleep” course is the outcome of over two decades of successfully helping patients overcome a vast range of suffering from insomnia and similar common sleep problems.

What is unique about the “Relax the Mind to Sleep” course, and what makes it so effective compared to other sleep therapy programs, is that it integrates the most effective sleep therapy techniques around with time tested Mindfulness Practices.

As for my formal qualifications - in case those things matter to you - I have a Masters degree in Mental Health, as well as a Masters degree in Gestalt therapy. I have done internationally published research in the field of Clinical Psychotherapy Supervision, and I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Education. As a matter of fact, I even have a Masters degree in Science, in the field of Physics Engineering, but that is from a very long time ago, and quite irrelevant to the kind of work that I am doing now and have been doing for the last 25 years.

And really, whatever degrees I have acquired are all irrelevant when it comes down to it. What matters is that this course actually does its job. And it most certainly does! This course will help you get back to natural, normal, healthy sleep within a few weeks, and once you have internalised the techniques that you learn in this course, they stay with you forever, should you ever need them again.

To contact me, please use the contact form on my website (click to open, opens in a new tab).

Course Curriculum

8. Sleep disorders
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